Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A stay of execution

Firstly, I am really sorry this update has come so late in the day but our vet only arrived at 4pm and has just left.

Silas is now pumped full of enough antibiotic to clean out an elephant and has had a shot of anti inflammatory magic juice with twice daily shots for the next two days and another enormous dose of antibiotics to pick up tomorrow. We're hoping that the anti inflammatory drugs will make him more willing to get to his feet and move around and therefore exercise those tight tendons in front.

John was absolutely not yet ready to give him the blue dream, thankfully, and neither are we but I have to tell you, earlier today I really did think it might be his last day on this earth. Now we just pray that this will make the difference and pull him through!

Other Stuff

Hamish's first mare of the season arrived on Sunday, the 4th day of her cycle and was served Sunday and Monday and went home on Monday afternoon. Finger's crossed! She's a very pretty little chestnut TB mare who came last season but arrived late in the season, didn't cycle well and ended up with fluid pooled in her uterus. This time she has been flushed out pre serve and only served twice plus it is earlier in the season. Hopefully this all adds up to a foal next year!

Hooty has come into season and has been served by Reilly today and yesterday and will be served tomorrow. I would scan to see where she is in her cycle but our veterinary expenses are already pretty horrific so thought I would save scanning for post service. Once she is in foal and Rory has been weaned, she is off to a lovely new lease home in Wellington. Lucky girl!

Two more mares due to arrive this week. One for Reilly and one for Hamish so, it's ramping up here now.

Rosie and Milly take their foals Karma and Madison home this evening. It's been lovely having the matched pair of babies running around here but time for them to head off to their homes.

Maude is going to be bred back to Reilly for a full brother or sister to Aine and Bella is to be bred to Reilly as well. Watch this space for updates!


  1. I was Soooo glad to read your latest blog Louise,Saw the earlier one when I got home from work and haven't been able to take my mind of wee Silas--poor lad-he's going through so much and so are you "Guys"It doesn't help to see the fighting fit young MacKenzie from my deck.
    Will keep everything crossed for all of you!!!
    Take care
    Kenzie's Granny