Saturday, 15 November 2008

Not a great start to the day

On Tuesday this week I went into our local Farmlands store and ordered another bag of Vetpro foalmilk powder. I figured that this would provide ample time for it to be delivered. You can imagine how unimpressed I was when I went to collect it today to find it had still not arrived FIVE days after being ordered. Of course today is a Saturday so a call to Vetpro and then to Vetpro's after hours number yielded no response. I have left messages on both phones and sent an email, asking what courier company were responsible for the urgent delivery of the powder. No response yet.

Thank heavens for my vet and for Sam Williams at Little Avondale Stud! We now have close to 2kg of powder which will at least see us through until tomorrow. We will have to dilute it and incorporate some Milligans as we don't have enough to last the weekend but it is most definitely better than the alternative, which was to switch back to Milligans. I am very disappointed to have been let down so badly and will be interested to see where the break in the chain was. Now I just hope the damned stuff turns up on Monday morning! I've also just got off the phone to the lovely Robyn VT who is going to see if she can help us get a couple of nanny goats. I'm going to have to get myself a little milk maid outfit at this rate - how fast CAN you milk a goat out by hand? Anyone know?

Silas' blood tests showed elevated white blood cells and signs of muscle and tissue damage so, we now have a new antibiotic to try and will continue doing everything else we can. He's definitely got more attitude nowadays but still demonstrating considerable lameness in his stifle area and wobbly front legs - he's not ready to go out and plough any paddocks just yet!!!

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