Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Silas day 23 - more steps backwards

It's not been a great 48 hours. Silas' tendons on his front legs have contracted again and we were not able to get him to his feet late last night plus he has started to wheeze and his temperature has not gone below 38.9 (averaging around 39.3). I ended up sleeping in the shed with him and feeding him grass and meal and a little milk over night. Neither of us got much sleep. This morning we managed to get him up and he stumbled around the paddock, trying very hard but not doing very well. It's so hard to watch - he is so interested in everything but so compromised, especially now his front legs also no longer work properly.

The sample of fluid that was sent to the lab grew nothing of note so we are no closer to working out what is wrong with his joints and the next step is Massey. Unfortunately Massey is not really an option so, we have our vet coming out at lunchtime today when we will decide what, if anything, we try next.

I've been crying all night and all morning - now what we need is nothing short of a miracle.


  1. Come on little man dont do this to us. You are my hope after having to put my old boy down. Give us hope and inspire us. We all want to see you as a full grown lad. Got my fingers crossed for you all - big big hugs!!!!

  2. Hey chick,

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you and little Silas. Tell the big fulla to HANG IN THERE!
    Jingling like crazy down here for him


  3. You've got a bunch of people routing for you Silas!!!! Come on dude, so it for your Mum.

    Hang in there Lou. Sooooo proud of you. Hoping so much you get that miracle - god knows you all deserve it up there.

    All my love and bestest vibes.