Thursday, 13 November 2008

Silas day 25

Not so much to report today. Silas is much the same. He is drinking a bit less than the previous couple of days and we still have to pick him up. He's pretty bright and chipper but the underlying problem is still very much there. Last anti inflammatory shot tonight and then a call to the vet tomorrow for a 'where to next?' discussion.

Reilly has a new girlfriend who arrived today. He's quite taken with her but she's not so keen on him ... yet.

Hamish was not left out and has a new girl too, however she's currently grazing with my old gelding Paddy until she shows a little more interest.
Today's selection of pix include Aine, Reilly & Grace and, of course, Silas.

Reilly & GraceReilly & Grace
Y'ello there
It's a long way down there
What a face

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