Friday, 14 November 2008

Do we get our hopes up?

This afternoon Silas was very perky and so we took him for a walk. I rode Bados and Nick and Amy were on foot. We went down the race and into the arena paddock and then through into the one tree hill paddock. This paddock is next to the paddock that Meg is currently in and Silas met his sister for the first time. She was fascinated, as was he. No nose-to-nose contact yet as Silas was a little unsure of the four big mares snorting and prancing over the fence from him.

He then mooched around the paddock, nibbling on seed heads and investigating tree roots and Reilly's old poo pile. On the way back he even tried to canter a couple of times! By the time we were back to his paddock, he was pretty pooped so he lay down in bed and we left him to have a sleep.

Sarah Linton is coming to see him this afternoon/evening so hopefully she will be able to help him feel even better. He's off the anti inflams now and we are waiting to hear back from the vet about the next step in his treatment. Very promising to see him so upbeat knowing that it has been some time since his last injection. His temperature is down to 38.6 so within normal range too.

So, do we get our hopes up?


I's eatin' my 'erbs!

Gizza cuddle then 'uman!

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  1. Fantastic news and photos of "Wee" Silas!!!Sure hope it's all up from here--he's soooo cute.
    Heaps of love and best wishes from Kenzie's Granny