Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Silas on a high

So today's video demonstrates just what a difference a day and a shite load of gooood drugs make! Silas is having a good day after having a good night. The anti inflammatory shots are doing their thing and HOPEFULLY so are the antibiotics! He's on a daily dose of A/B and twice daily happy juice (the anti inflammatory). The video will show you just why I feel queasy at times watching him walk when he so nearly knuckles over, especially on the near fore. Ugh, it reminds me of rolling my ankles, which I have done more times than I care to remember!

I also grabbed some shots today or Rory the rascal so will share a couple of those. He's had a bit of an upset tum but seems well over that now and his mum (Hooty - Wynyard Night Owl) is in season and in the process of being bred to Reilly. This all seems to be going well. I suspect today was her last day for being bred but will tease her tomorrow (yay for teaser geldings!) and see how we go.


  1. Yay for wee Silas, god he has gone thru a lot in his short life (and you guys!). Jingle jingle jingle that he starts to get better!

  2. Oh yay! Its good to see Silas looking a bit perkier! I see what you mean about the knuckling over, ouch! Who is his chestnut buddy?

  3. Ch buddy is my 350 year old gelding, Bados. Well 350 is a SLIGHT exaggeration, he's 28 and a very good uncle! :)