Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I gave Meg the day off today and Mr Grey Stone and I became re-acquainted in Brennan's paddock for an hour and the poo mountains are no more! Mwah! Ah, the satisfaction of sucking up a tonne of poo, nothing quite like it!!!

Nick has been a busy beaver and has made some real progress on my stable. It's starting to take shape and I am very excited as it seems I will, for the first time in my life, have a safe/proper stable to keep horses in as and when I need to. I probably won't use it a lot but it WILL BE THERE and that is just brilliant!

I shifted Hamish and Libby through into a new paddock today. They may be fat as butter but I felt very sorry for them stuck in a manky pooey paddock and couldn't bear to leave them there any more so they've got grass again. Hamish is well overdue for a hoof trim but whilst Nick is working so hard on the stable, I don't feel I can ask so he will just have to wait a little longer. He's got great feet and they will tidy up nicely - I will just have to try hard not to look at them too closely for a week or so.

Today's photos are of stable progress and Hamish:


  1. The other day you put a video link on FB for follyfoot, looking at those pics I remebered another series, 'White horse' did you get that here in NZ too. Must see if I can find that on You Tube.

  2. I don't remember Sue - I don't think we did.