Saturday, 15 May 2010

More Meg

Today I went into town and helped set up for the dressage tomorrow by raking the all weather arena edge and bashing in some of the arena markers for the grass arenas. Phew! Knackered!! I stopped in at the feed store and grabbed a couple of bags of feed for the ponies before coming home and starting to get organised for tomorrow. I was going to ride this morning but it started to rain so I settled for bringing Meg into the shed and giving her a good brush. As I (STUPIDLY) managed to drain the stock water tank over night by leaving the tap filling Brennan's trough on all night, there was no water to wash Meg's tail and legs which I had hoped to do before tomorrow so she will just have to go with mucky legs and a bit of a dirty tail. The rain didn't really turn into anything but by the time I had spent an hour brushing her, I was running out of time anyway. I had every intention of riding her when I got home this afternoon but ended up doing farm chores instead. Now I am pooped!

When I was buying feed I also grabbed a new dressage whip so I can start riding Meg with that to help me reinforce my leg so hopefully I will soon look less like a pc kid on a Thelwell pony (picture small child, fat pony, legs out at all angles to get maximum kick action!) and more like a proper rider on a horse - dreams are free of course! I also bought a stable fork - My very first proper stable fork for what is going to be my very first proper stable! Can you tell I am excited??!!

Meg got the wind up her this afternoon when I was shifting the feed bins so I ran inside and got my camera and took a few action shots. She's really quite magnificent when she gets going. Unfortunately I missed all the bucking shots - Now THOSE were really impressive!!!!

MEGnificent girl!
Goin' up!
Carriage horse
Power house
Reckons I have food (coz clearly she is starving!)


  1. She is beautiful, she is the kind of horse I would on Just lovely.

  2. She is simply stunning. You must be so proud :o)

  3. I am super duper uber proud :o) Thanks guys!