Tuesday, 11 May 2010


**WARNING** This is going to a pretty boring update but I have received complaints about the slow down in my blogging so ... you asked for it! *pokes out tongue*

This morning was a lovely misty morning and if I had been more organised and less asleep I would have gone out and taken some photos of spiderwebs and dew drops and mist on the hills. Instead I went out in my dressing gown and gumboots and took a couple of less than perfect shots of Portia and Maxi in the front paddock and then went back inside for my brekky.

After Amy headed off to school I got dressed and went outside and took Brennan's cover off and popped his bridle on. He is in the process of being mouthed which has been a complete non event but I like to slip it on him every day just for a wee while so it's no big deal. I am really hoping to get a call or email soon to let me know that there is a space for him at Gavin & Nicole's because the young man really needs to be doing something I feel. I took some photos of him as the light was nice and he had a few minutes of plastic bag desensitising, although I think the bag was more scared of being eaten by him than he was of being eaten by it!

Then I had a lovely ride over the farm on Meg. I opened up two of the back paddocks so we could ride there and she had to go down the race next to Squeaky Squeakerson (Brennan's nickname) and did a very good impression of a evil mare with her neck arched, ears pinned and tail swishing whilst he squeaked and pranced alongside her. He thinks she is the bees knees, she is not quite so sure about him!

Nick went into town and bought the first of the new stable supplies so the Goldpine account now has another $225 on it. Ouch! The things we do for our horses!!! I will take photos of the stable build and share them on here.

Here are a selection of photos taken this morning:

Mmmm nosebag??
Looking at Meg - He luffs her
Approaching the baggy
I can C U
Look I am wearing a bridle - I'm so cleffer
Looking for Shrek?
Maxi poser much?
Got the wind up him!
Donkey dance
Bezzy mates
Flying Welshie
Donkey on the edge!

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