Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Equinetrader PHOTO OF THE YEAR!

Last year I had a photo of Amy and Hamish in the finals of this competition. We came so very close to winning but in the end had to settle for second place to a photo of an apaloosa drinking from a coke can. This year Nick and I both have photos in the finals and I want that bridle so bad, I can almost taste it!!! At the moment Nick's photo is leading and I must admit, I gave my vote to his photo too as it is one that always makes me smile and people do seem to love it.

I would be so appreciative if those of you who read and enjoy my blog and my photos would take the time to visit the website, join if you need to (you can elect not to receive emails from ET) and vote for your fav pic. Obviously you should vote for the pic you like best (I just hope that is one of ours!). The two other photos entered are of Robbie and Rory. Robbie is doing ok but no-one has voted for Rory yet. Poor Rorror.

The first prize is a Stubben bridle valued at $500. I have never had a top quality new bridle so it would be a HUGE treat to win it and it would be so treasured!

So, get voting folks!!

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