Monday, 8 January 2007

TF Reilly - Two years on

It is so nice to step back and look at a horse and think, 'yeah, we did OK. This is a good one!'

I did that with Reilly this weekend when I was out with my camera. After everything he has been through and we have been through with him and with his mother, it is just so nice to see him growing up healthy and strong, if a little short!

Now the big question. Do I take him to the A&P next month? I am kinda nervous about it. I have nothing to wear, no bridle that fits and I have never taken a youngster out before, especially one that still has all his 'equipment' and then there is the fact that I have no cover for him (although thanks to NRM I think that is all about to change!) and no idea how to turn a show horse out oh and NO money! Minor details?
I guess it is going to be a case of watch this space...

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