Sunday, 7 January 2007

TF Hipster - A close call!

Foal No. 2 born at Talisman Farm was not nearly as straight forward as Foal No. 1! Hippy was what is known as a 'Dogsitter' and was well and truly wedged inside her mother. Fortunately my sixth sense kicked in as soon as the mare went into labour and the vet was called. Hippy was so named because she hung by her hips from her mother for 45 minutes until she finally came into the world (with a crash). Her birth required ropes, fenceposts, two very strong men and it was one of the scariest equine experiences of my life but oh what a precious darling she is. The photo below shows her as a three year old. Beautiful! She is my dear 'little' (she's around 16.2HH) treasure and I don't think I could ever bring myself to sell her. We have a bond that I find hard to describe but it is like we understand each other completely and I just love my gentle sweet girl.

TF Hipster's photo album

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