Thursday, 11 January 2007

I rode Robbie!

I know it is not massive news but he hasn't had anyone on him for about a year I think now. Just a case of being apathetic about it.

Nick and I had been working with Meg (gave her her second hoof trim and a leading lesson) and as we were leaving the paddock decided we may as well give Rob's feet a rasp too. After Nick had done that I decided to get a leg up and just hang over him so, up I went. Gawd it is berluddy uncomfortable leaning over 16.2HH of Clydesdale so I swung my leg over and sat there and Nick started leading me around. I put some pressure on his sides with my legs and he responded and before I knew it we were trotting around. He is so cute, bless him. I think we are going to spend some time this summer getting him used to being ridden. I will try and sort a bridle out for him and work him bareback initially and then with a saddle. I think he is going to be easy peasy - he has such a good nature.

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