Monday, 4 May 2009

Smooth Runnings

The sun decided to shine this morning and it was 3rd time lucky (or possibly unlucky for Rory) as the booking for the vet stuck.

First we branded the two babies who are now sporting a very smart set of Irish brands and then it was time to geld Rory. There was no need for sedation for branding so Rory was taken from the yards and given the first shot of sedative and then lead over to the spot where he was to drop and loaded up with the next dose to drop him. He talked quite a lot whilst the anesthetic was kicking in but once he was down, he was out! Gelding went well and he was down for a good length of time afterward - we were busy castrating the bull calf and he was kind enough to give us a wee warning that he was waking up but shouting quite loudly at us. All in all a successful, if a little stressful (I am not fond of gelding day, esp. after having a gelding op go awry a few years back) day.

Nick took photos and here are a small selection:

Dopey baby

Down he goes
Clamping (or is it the Clampetts?)
We also castrated our bull calf today and Rosco got himself a ...

Tasty Snack!

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