Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Meg's first ride at home

Hells teeth what an awful day weather wise it is! I was going to sneak a ride in this morning but the heavens opened and so I retreated back inside to the warmth for a few hours until there was another clear break around lunch time when I dashed out again with Nick and camera in tow and whipped clompety out of her paddock (and her nice warm rug) and took her for a ride. She is hysterical - SO bloody keen to just get on and go. Quite a different horse to Reilly who would stand and sleep if I let him but not our Meg she's all business thanks! I cannot wait to blast around a XC course on her in a few years - she is going to LOVE it!

We went down to the far end of the property and had a wee potter around in the back paddock. Didn't do too much as it is quite slippery but she was great. Nick even got on for a quick ride (sans helmet, we did have words about that) and she was very good although Nick did admit that he was not sure who had all the control and suspected possibly it was not him, haha!

Here are a few photos from today:

A man and his horse
More walking

A bit of trot
Canter, Meg's favourite!
Walking down the hill
Good girl Meg

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