Thursday, 7 May 2009

My very first Hamish foal all grown up!

Today I had the immense pleasure of visiting my first homebred Hamish baby and his doting mum, Kim. Kim bought Malteser off me when he was a gangly rising two year old and broke him in herself. She has done a superb job and he has grown in to a really super little horse. He's only been back in work for two weeks after a bit of a break but you would never know. He even showed off some of his excellent lengthened strides and a bit of lateral work while we were there. What is very clear to see is that he adores Kim and the feeling is very definitely mutual. They make a really great team! He's such a character and loves to put things in his mouth (cover straps, his bridle, clothing, his own leg - you name it, it's fair game) and you can see he has a very mischievous twinkle in his eye. Adorable!

I am hoping to pop back over again in a few weeks once he is jumping again so I can take some more photos of them showing off over fences - I can't wait! I did of course take some photos today so here are a selection for sharing.

Tied up


Bit of lengthening
Lengthening on the other rein

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