Saturday, 6 December 2008


Had quite a busy day, starting with helping a friend give pony rides at the local Farmer's Market as a fund raiser for the RDA. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning but glad we are not trying to make a living from it. Still, the RDA will be a few dollars better off next week and the looks on the little kids faces as they got to walk around on the pony were priceless. We even had one little girl come back three times - methinks her mum's in trouble! Haha!

Amy had a birthday party to go to this afternoon and I decided to give Rory his second AB shot while Nick was out collecting her. So proud of my little boy who was not only perfect to catch but stood like a brave little soldier for his injection. That's my boy! He's the photo model today - some of Aine but most of Rory. In one or two of the shots you can see the lump under his jaw where his lymph node has swollen due to the infection. It hasn't stopped his appetite or his attitude!!!

We have someone coming to look at Aine tomorrow - I am half hoping she hates her because I am so loathe to sell her but it would be such a nice home that I had really better hope that she is on her very best behaviour and demonstrates just why I rate her so highly - we'll see ... She's the clown in today's photo shoot.

What's got up your nose then Aine?
Just a little bit bum high!!!
Love ya mum!
Gimme a kiss mum
Noice ar$e
Me and my Mum
Lean on me

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