Sunday, 7 December 2008

So fast it made my head spin

So on Friday I put Aine's official 'for sale' notice up on the blog and today I sold her. I kinda always knew she was going to be easy to sell but it still shocked me how quickly and easily it happened. She's going to a super home and I feel sure she is going to be her new owner's horse of a lifetime so I look forward to watching them together.

Now we just have to get her to weaning and register her with the NZ Irish Horse Soc. and get her branded. She'll be insured by her new owner, through Quadrant and we will continue with her early education until she leaves us sometime early next year. She's such a super filly, I'll really miss her but I am excited that Maude's owner has decided to use Maude to repeat the breeding for herself. All that begins next week!

Had an excited call from Aimee who has my lovely Lagan on lease to tell me she had made it into her PC Eques team and will be down at champs early in the New Year - Will be great to see them both in action and I will be sure and take my camera. They've had three ODE starts now for three top 5 placings as well as having qualified for HOTY in dressage. She's having a ball with him and I am sure he is having a ball with her too. Such a fabulous horse - Irish of course!

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