Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My foalies

So it is a completely cr@p bit of video but I was bored this afternoon so made it. Might have to rope Nick into helping me actually get some reasonable footage at some point. Aine is for sale. It breaks my heart to put her on the market but needs must and we still have a large vet bill to pay. I am absolutely sure she has star potential and that is with my rose coloured specs removed. She's just spectacular to watch when she really gets going (none of that on video unfortunately) and, as for Rory, my little Rorror is everything I wanted and more - He may be small but he's got a great big personality to make up for his stature. I wonder, will he grow? His mum is not small (a good 16.1HH) and his dad is also a reasonable size (advertised as 16.1HH) but Rory seems so tiny. Perhaps it is just because his paddock companion is such a giant that he seems smaller than he really is? I just don't know but what I do know is that, I absolutely adore him!

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