Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Flower Power

The daisies are out in force at the moment so, what better thing to do with daisies than make daisy chains?

Rory & Hooty
Aine & Maude
Rory takes flight
Daisy chained Rory
Daisy chained Aine

This season's outside mares have presented their challenges, mainly because they have all so far been maidens - It is tempting to refuse maiden mares because so often they really can be tricky customers and can present a lot of extra work but, for Hamish in particular, he is very popular with people wanting to breed first foals from maiden mares so it would be a tough call to take them away from him - I can however understand why some stud owners stipulate no maidens!

I finally gave up on Girl today and put her in with Hamish. She has been teased every day, at least once a day, since she arrived nearly three weeks ago and NOTHING, nada, zip! According to her owner she was due to come in late the week before last but, nothing. Her owner does not really want the extra expense of scans and PG shots yet so, knowing how good Hamish is at talking his girls around, I introduced them today. She is clearly not yet cycling but they are running together quite happily and I will keep a close eye on them.

Grace, Reilly's 'puritan' maiden is due back in later this week and I have hobbles coming so, finger's crossed, this time we have some success (unless of course he managed to cover her under the cover of darkness and she is in foal but I am not holding my breath on that!).

Bella will be ready to be scanned in a couple of weeks so, finger's crossed and Maude will be bred to Reilly on her next cycle. Busy times.

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