Friday, 8 April 2011

For Sale

My friend Lea in Auckland has made the tough decision to sell some of her beloved horses and I have offered to help spread the word via this blog. So, if you or someone you knows thinks you can offer one of these lovely boys a new home, please email Lea on:


One in a million. 14.2hh crossbred. 8 years old. Suitable for beginners or as a confidence builder but also for more experienced and confident riders. You can canter around on the buckle. He taught my daughter to ride and I have had heaps of fun with him also. Fun, Fun, fun! Easy to float, shoe, teeth, worm... etc. Has done anything and everything... ribbon days, eventing, endurance, beach riding, swimming, you can safely ride him bareback, double... you name it! Safe as safe can be both on the ground and on his back. Super loving and smoochy. Would love to lease him long term. Will sell only to the very best home. $7000 ono (but home more important than price so very negotiable).

If only he was 13.2HH - I would be knocking on Lea's door and bringing him home to live with us for a few years. What a neat pony!!! I seriously want!

Timitanga Tutu
Tutu was broken in by an experienced young rider. He is just under 10hh and is a 9 year old, gelding... but don't be taken back by his size!!! This wee boy has done cross country courses, show jumping, forest riding, beach work (in fact, he is let to run loose on the beach sometimes when he has no one small enough to ride him and he potters in behind the big horses) and all off the lead. He is also very obedient on the lead.He is your typical in-your-face smoochy pony.Kids are safe to lift his feet, bridle and saddle, brush etc.. great to float (I think he would happily hop into a car if you let him! And he has walked into the house uninvited!). Requires only a small amount of feed or he balloons, but has never foundered. Personal circumstances mean this pony is not getting the attention he needs and an urgent sale (for his sake) is required. He needs a wee rider to love him. $800 ono, price very negotiable, home is not. Comes with bridles, saddle, brushes, floating and jumping boots, leather halter... everything I have here that fits him is yours!

I would be bringing this pony home in a heartbeat but sadly he is just a bit too small for Amy. I WISH he was coming to live with us tho!

Edward (Eddy)
Lovely quiet gelding. Solid 16.2hh, 9 years. Works nicely on the flat but still requires some training. Super jumper. Suit a lady looking for an easy ride. Suitable for Hacking, hunting, jumping... a nice allrounder. Beautiful looking, big white blaze and two white stockings. Currently out of work as rider over committed. $600 or near offer.

This is a bargain price for a very striking looking and sounding horse. Again, if I needed something to do a little bit of everything on, I would seriously be considering this guy. Sadly I already have more horses than I need!

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