Sunday, 3 April 2011

Brennan's little BIG day!

Today was Brennan's very first outing in public. He was a very good boy! I just took him down to the local dressage group rally for a look-about and collected Jess on the way. Poor Jess has been a bit under the weather so I had said she would not need to ride him if she was not feeling up to it.

Got there and unloaded him and he was very interested but happy to stand and watch. Led him around and he called a couple of times and got a little excited when he saw a grey horse being held over by some yards so we just moved him away. Just kept him thinking and tried to ensure his focus was on us. Took him back to the car and Jess said that she was happy to ride him if I wanted so we saddled him up and swapped footwear (I must have looked such a divvy wandering around in Jess's shoes) and he had a good work out both out the back and out the front of the grounds around the other horses.

I didn't take him in to the arena area as I didn't really want to push the envelope and try working him in such a small area with so many other horses also in there. We can build up to that. Next week there should only be three horses at the most in the arena area anyway so he should manage that - The only thing I am disappointed about is not being able to work him in the rope arena and show him the letters - never mind, he will find out about those next Sunday!

All-in-all, a successful day!

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