Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Brennan has another outing ...

Tonight I took Brennan to Becky Penn's place and he and Jess had a play in her BEAUTIFUL all weather arena. Gosh I am jealous, it's gorgeous! Brennan was a good boy, had a bit of a shout when we first arrived and fancied his chances with the sexy pony in the float (his own reflection) which made us chuckle. There was a lovely big black WB parked in a paddock just next to the arena and I had to lead him past him to get in to the arena and Brennan did a pretty lovely passage in hand - I cannot wait to see him do THAT under saddle one day!

Once again he impressed with his awesome attitude and willingness to get down to business, even when Ollie and the gelding next door had a meltdown after one of them touched the hotwire and did airs above the ground and laps around their paddocks, Brennan just kept on working. So proud of him.

The light was fading (boo hoo, winter is just around the corner) so the photos are a little funny but you can still see him trying his little heart out. Jess must be exhausted tho after having a lesson on Ollie beforehand and then jumping on Brennan and giving him a good work out too. I am exhausted just thinking about it!!

Brennan checking out his test for the weekend
Blurry pony & rider

Oo, what's over there?

Up periscope!

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