Friday, 6 March 2009

TGIF - and another ride

Today we mooched about the jumps paddock and after a bit of a mooch I popped him on the lunge and over a couple of jumps. He was incredibly lazy, again! Today he was much less interested in the gelding and filly over the fence and listened to me a little more although canter was, again, uglyyyy but I am beginning to think more and more that this is down to my unbalanced and heavy handed riding *sigh*. He was a little fussy with his mouth for me today so I will arrange a visit with the dentist and am going to try a few different bits to see if that might make a difference. No spectacular photos again but as I have Nick supervise when I am riding (in case I come off - always the potential for that!), he brings the camera.


  1. Lou

    Your position is much better than you think - relax. But why no boots on his front legs when you are schooling him - if you cant find any email me and I will get some here!


  2. Pure laziness C - I realised I had forgotten to put them on when I went to mount him and they were down by the house. I have an old pair of SMBII's that he usually wears (check the last couple of riding posts) or some cheap zilco eva fleece lined boots and weatherbeeta brushing boots for the backs.