Sunday, 1 March 2009

Just a few more photos

Nessy has finally come into full blown season and has been served. Thank goodness! I thought she was never going to oblige. It has been a long season for Hamish with his first mare arriving in October and his last mare not being ready until March!

Rory and Aine are basically ready to be weaned. Aine's new owner came over to see her today and had a wee handling session with her. She pretended she didn't know how to be caught, naughty girl! While Kerry was playing with Aine I took Reilly down to the gully in the paddock and had some fun on the long lead. He's so bold, I have high hopes for him and, hopefully, those hopes will start being realised soon.

Here are some photos of the ginger monster snapped this afternoon.

Growing up - getting bigger!
Boggle-eyed hoon
Handsome boy
28 year old Bados and his 4 month old sidekick

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