Sunday, 13 December 2009

My Marvellous Megan

Big day for Ata today as his human mummy comes to pick he and his mum up and take them home. She's very excited and it's so rewarding for me, as a breeder, to be sending a foal to a home where I know it is much wanted and will be much loved and cared for. I am beginning to get people asking me to breed foals for them now and even have a queue of people waiting for foals from particular mares. It's nice to know that what we are doing here seems to be working and whilst what we breed might not be for everyone, we seem to be getting something right. I look forward to seeing Ata out and about in the coming years.

It's about time that Meg started to do something. She's grown rather wide in the last few months and is only getting wider with the embarrassment of grass we have this season. I think she agrees she is ready too. I just brought her in to the shed today for a quick brush and an introduction to the lunge. I can tell you now, trying to take photos of your horse whilst lunging her at the same time is not easy!

She was very good and even popped over a couple of tiny crossrails I put up. The first time she kinda fell over them but after a couple of goes, she was sighting the jump and taking herself over. OK, so I don't think she will ever reach the dizzying heights of Grand Prix but I am sure we will be able to have some fun - After all, my limit seems to be around the 80cm mark these days. After her lunge I let her have some free time in the paddock - she thought that was lots of fun!

So, today's photos are of Meg, who is growing more and more like her mum with every passing day. Please enjoy.

Flying Clydesdale
Blurry girl
Ears up
In the shed, waiting patiently
Really impressive (NOT) lunging photo, ha!
Footnote: Today I learned that sometimes it is just easier to swallow your pride and let someone think they have won than continue to fight a battle that you are never going to win. It feels surprisingly good - Lets hope it lasts!

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