Friday, 11 December 2009

In the family way ...

Just in from the yards and Hooty's 16 day scan - Woo hoo! Healthy single 16 day pregnancy. Congratulations Annika, Hooty and Matty, you are in the family way!

Introduced Paddy to the boys in the bachelor herd today - Reilly was very excited to have another friend to hang out with and Rory was particularly pleased to see someone bigger than Reilly who I think he hopes might look after him! He took every opportunity to insert himself between the two much bigger geldings in his desperate need to be part of the herd. It was very sweet.

Maude has managed to ensure that Enya is completely anti having anything to do with me so I have resorted to putting a halter with a grab strap on her in the paddock. I hate doing this but I really need to be able to handle her a little bit every day to get her used to me and I would like to avoid running them into the yards every single day in order to be able to do this. Maude is a fantastic mother but is a little too good really and does like to produce quite sensitive babies. Hooty on the other hand spits them out broken in! I will try and get out into the paddock and get some photos of the kids later today - they are in a new paddock and the grass went to Hooty's brain over night and she was a complete idiot in the yards and then towed me back to the paddock once we were done and proceeded to do laps. Tart!

Rory looks a bit bemused
You scratch my back ...
Nice day for a stroll
Rory says 'Pick me!'
Scratch and sniff

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