Sunday, 13 December 2009

Two Photo Blogs Today

Masses of Ata photos today because it was his last day here. He might be back for the winter, he might not so I had to go out and take some 'see ya later' photos. I am so thrilled with this foal. He's everything I think a modern sport horse should be. Strong of bone, athletic, handsome, powerful, good natured, intelligent and eye-catching. I wish Keryn and her boy all the very, very best for the future!

I think I mighta woken him up!
Eat him up cute!
Over the shoulder pose
Who da man?!
Self carriage
Spotlight in front
Upsy daisy
What goes up ...
keeps going up, haha!
Mum and her boy
I am really going to miss this spunky little guy!

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