Sunday, 22 November 2009

Greys R Us

Took my camera up the road today and ventured into the paddock with Hamish, Libby and Alii to try and take a few photos. They're having a ball in all the spring grass and just loving hanging out. Libby, being the little minx that she is to catch, rarks Alii up something awful so everyone was running around a bit. Alii has made herself a wallow in the paddock and seems to enjoy covering herself and anyone else who gets close enough, with mud!

The babies are doing well - growing nicely and getting used to being handled. The Gingernut now has a paddock name of Zazu although I have to admit, I am just calling him Zed coz it is easier!

Hooty is due for a re-scan tomorrow first thing as she only presented us with a teeny tiny 18mm follicle so, finger's crossed all goes well for her insemination this week.

Ata pulls a face
Awww, pretty boy
Ata on the go
Zed taking a stroll
Photogenic boy
Giraffe legs
More orangeness
Princess Libby stuffs her face
Libby and Alii
Hamish trit trot
My beautiful boy
Sexy beasty
Running free
Wallow girl!

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