Thursday, 26 November 2009

Reilly's Swansong

Yesterday was a big day here at Talisman Farm. The final stage of 'the great bedroom makeover' was completed (will dedicate a separate blog entry to that), Hooty was inseminated with Coalman's Touch semen and I had my beautiful young stallion, TF Life O'Reilly gelded.

Reilly's gelding was pretty tough for me but after much soul searching I made the decision based on my desire for him to have the best life possible and I know that he will have a fantastic life as a gelding. He has sired four beautiful foals and, as two of his foals are daughters, the bloodline may very well continue through them so, it's all good really. He was the consumate gentleman for the vet, even with Maude over the fence talking to him. Stood stock still for his injections and dropped with an incredible amount of dignity which was very sweet. Had a moment three quarters of the way through where he suddenly upped and rolled over, startling us all and prompting me to dissolve into tears, but it was just a wee blip and the vet was able to finish without further incident. I was a bit shaky tho!

And, quite fittingly, this morning at 2.45am Reilly's last foal, full sister to Aine, was born. She was shouting at us as she came out and trying to get up even before her back legs were out. She is a big, strong, feisty girl. Maude had a great delivery, foaled with no assistance and passed the placenta just after 3am. This morning at 7am baby was drinking, pooping and running (albeit spider wobbly) around her paddock. Now she just needs to tell me her name.

Can U C me?
Wibble Wobble
Mum 'n Babe

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