Friday, 20 November 2009


Click below for the world's most boring video of a Clydesdale stallion. Made this up for someone who is interested in (*SOB*) buying him but wanted to see a little more paddock handling. Turn down the volume coz I didn't edit out my narration and that's pretty dire too!

Other news ... Hooty was scanned today pre AI and only had a wee 18mm follicle on one side and nothing on the other or, as the vet said, an ovary the size of his ... haha, gotta love a vet with a sense of humor! So, re-scan on Monday and hopefully inseminate early/mid week next week. Exciting!

The 'as yet unnamed' ginger one had a poopy bottom this morning so we grabbed him in the paddock and gave him his first sponge bath. He alternated between loving it and hating it but managed to suck it up and let me get the job done. Ata was, I swear, laughing on the other side of the fence. The mares and foals are now grazing together with mares glaring at each other from a healthy distance and foals alternating between sleeping, feeding and staring at each other with great fascination - so cute!

Had an email to let me know that Hamish was a father again - no photos yet but little chestnut colt with two front socks and a stripe born on the 5th of November. Mother and son doing well. That brings Hamish's tally to 14 colts and 3 fillies so, if you want to breed a boy it would seem that choosing Hamish gives you pretty good odds. Not sure if the foal is chestnut going grey or chestnut. I can't wait for photos!

Maude's 'due date' is in fact Monday the 23rd of November, not the 28th (I think my brain had 28th because she was due on the 23rd but her LDOS was the 18th and I mixed those two dates together in my head) and is looking pretty damned wide!

Alii has finished her season so is hopefully now in foal and Hamish is doing a good job of taking care of his 'ladies' - He's literally like a pig in muck at the moment as he has dug himself a wallow in his paddock. Filthy toad!

Hamish - King of all her surveys
Maude - Lady in waiting
Rear view
Side shot
Bree - Stuffing her face!


  1. I got 2 cows with bellies like that at the mo! Due any day!

  2. I thought Minty was getting fat, but gee she's got nothing on Maude! Four weeks to go. I think I felt a belly kick today.