Friday, 27 November 2009

Final Fantasy

I think I have decided on Maude and Reilly's baby's name. Maude's registered name is 'Fantasy' and this foal is Reilly's last so it seems 'Final Fantasy' pretty much fits the bill. I think I have decided on Enya as a paddock name. Enya is Celtic for 'Little Fire' and she's a raging redhead so it seems to fit too.

She's doing brilliantly and Maude is being the protective mother as per usual, racing her around the paddock if I so much as look at them sideways. I have managed to have a few cuddles tho and found all her lovely scratchy places.

Reilly demonstrated his superb temperament again this morning when I caught him with his mane and led him to the hosepipe and cooled and cleaned his wounds. He just stood quietly and let me do what I had to do - pretty sure he knew it was for his own good. He's such a lovely horse and I am so incredibly lucky to have him.

Below photos taken when Enya was aged around 15 hours.

'Ello thar
Break fast
Nom nom
Mum taught me how to go fassssst!

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