Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Enya - Day 5

Took my camera when doing the evening rounds tonight and snapped a few (not very good) photos of Enya and Maude. The sun was going down and the light was great, to start, but it dropped below the cloud level so when she decided to put on a really good show, the photos did not really work. Anyway, here are a handful.

Not really a lot to report. We have a new grazer arriving from the South Island tomorrow. A Coalman's Touch gelding who belongs to Annika who is leasing Hooty off me this season. He will hang out here for a couple of months whilst they settle on their new property and get a few fences up in preparation for his move up to the Waikato. He may be here tomorrow as was picked up today but I will wait and hear from Majestic's who are bringing him up.

We have had quite a lot of rain in the last 48 hours so have mud again but I will not complain as the rain is awesome for the grass and we would really like a good hay crop this year!

Discovering the joys to be found at the bottom of a feed bin
Tongue tied
Supper time
Leg stretches
Cheeky foals R Us
Future dressage star?
With mum

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