Saturday, 17 January 2009

SW Sale

Today Amy, Karen and I went to Palmerston North. A girlie road trip! And what trip to Palmerston North is complete without a visit to 'The Saddlery Warehouse', especially when they have a sale on?! The sale was a pretty good one, 20% of everything not already discounted and 10% of veterinary supplies. I needed a few bits and bobs for my medicine kit and Amy needed a new helmet so I was able to cross those items off the list. She has already outgrown two helmets so this time I got her one that is adjustable and will grow with her head and with 20% off, I was happy.

There were no winter rugs in stock and I have to say that the saddle selection was very paultry which was really disappointing as I was interested in looking at a small synthetic for Amy. But when I asked what they had in the way of kiddies saddles, it seems that they don't make the status range in children's sizes and just have the 'starter pack' which is, I am fairly certain, made in India and total cr@p! Ah well.

Amy chose a cute purple padded halter and pink leadrope and a matching hot pink brush as gifts for Maxi and today's photos show some of the new items being 'modelled'. Amy also had her very first walks off the lead. OK, I was RIGHT in front of the pony and only dropped the rope for a dozen or so strides but was very proud of both daughter and pony for doing so well :)

Best mates
Walking with purpose
Listening to mum
Walking all by herself! (and with a death grip!)
Walking by herself - such a good pony!

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  1. Very cool halter - trendy helmet too! The Status Dressage comes in a 15" I thought (can remember looking at the cute cute little saddles once) but SW aren't much cop on their saddle range I reckon - great place for covers and consumables though.