Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Oh bu**er!

As a birthday treat I was going to disappear off for an hour or so on Bados for a nice quiet road ride. Unfortunately Bados had other ideas as he had been kicked sometime between this morning and yesterday night when last checked. I had popped him and Bree back in with the main mob yesterday afternoon and the silly old coot still tries to be boss of all he surveys and must've come a cropper. He'll be ok, just a bit of a cut and a swollen knee but, no ride for me.

He's now grazing with Hooty and Rory as they are nice and close to the house and on a relatively flat paddock. He's not lame but I am sure it must hurt. Rory thinks it is absolutely wonderful to have a new friend and spent the entire first 30 minutes sniffing him and following him - B will soon get sick of that and (hopefully) start telling him off. Rory needs telling off - he's a wicked colt!!

Rory's new friend

Just coz he can Well 'Hi' thereCute!

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