Thursday, 15 January 2009

Robbie the Rotund

Rob got a new paddock today - well an old paddock really, an area that we cut a few bales off but there is a lot of standing hay around the outside. I took the camera out with me and took the opportunity to take some photos. He's quite, er, well covered at present but he needed moving and there can't be too much goodness in the standing hay .. can there??

The good news is that he should be under saddle soon and then the hard work will begin! He's such a lovely, kind boy - always so quiet and gentle. We're really very lucky to own such a gorgeous animal.

What's so funny boys?
My two boys
Pair of posers
Sharing a story perhaps?
In other news, Bella left for her new lease home today. She has not gone too far and is carrying a very special baby for her lease owner, Sarah. I am sure she is in great hands. We're going to be down on numbers this winter but it might be nice to have things a little bit easier for a while.

Bados is a little the worse for wear after sustaining a kick injury this week. I put him on antibiotics and bute today after his knee swelled to near football size overnight - bugger it! The good news however is that he is completely sound on it, at walk at least. Rory had a bit of a sulk when we took his new best friend out and spent the first 10 minutes calling for him at the gate. The lure of the milk bar however became too strong and he soon forgot about his worries. Silly foal.

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