Monday, 12 January 2009

Aine and Rory update

The 'kids' are growing up. With Maude running with Reilly, Rory and Aine are currently separated but can still see each other. They actually seem completely happy and settled but I do miss watching them play together. Weaning is quite soon now so it will be time to reintroduce them and run them in a small herd with their nanny gelding/s. Both foals are very different types, which is not very surprising considering their parents but I really could not be more thrilled with them.

Rory is very much the 'chunky' monkey while Aine is very long-legged and elegant. I took the camera out for some update shots this afternoon so, here they are:

Rory cantering down the paddock
Rory totting down the fenceline
Bug eyes
Running through the long grass
Cute face
Lengthening a little

Family shot
Aine down the fenceline
Aine walking
Aine cantering
Aine's sweet face Look at me, aren't I purdy

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