Monday, 20 October 2008

A very difficult entry

Today's blog entry is incredibly painful to write but I am hoping that it may be cathartic to do so...

At 3am on Sunday morning our beautiful clydesdale mare Debi (Kennybrook Maude) gave birth to a fabulously all blinged out colt. At 3.30am Debi drew her final breath, whilst cradled in my arms after succumbing to a uterine haemorrhage. I won't share the full details as it was a horrifying thing to experience and no-one really needs to know any more than Deb had all of our love and devotion focussed upon her as she shuffled off this mortal coil and departed to the next life. The very last thing I whispered to her was that she was not to worry about Silas as he would have all the love and care that we could possibly heap upon him and he would do her absolutely proud.

We are of course devastated beyond anything I could hope to express in writing. Debi was not just a beautiful looking animal but she had a character and soul that was without equal. A special friend who we will never replace. We are just so fortunate to have shared our lives with her for the years that we did.

So now we have another orphan to raise - What's with that?! Silas is doing OK. He's very big and pretty strong but taking a while to get himself organised into the routine of it all. The vet has been and taken bloods to run an Iga levels test, listened to his hear and lungs, checked his slack tendons and pronounced him perfectly fine, just big! All that said, he has not been drinking as he should be and had a temperature earlier this afternoon and then went off his food so his input is down markedly. He is drinking something and I guess something is better than nothing but it is all such a worry.


  1. Im so sorry for your loss Lou, what a terrible thing to happen. Wishing you the best of luck with Silas, hes gorgeous, what a legacy to leave. Will be thinking of you ((hugs))

  2. I am very sorry for your loss, Debi was a beautiful girl. May she live on in your memories and her gorgeous boy.

  3. He's stunning Loy!!! Poor Debi. She was lucky to have you guys though. All my love to you and good luck with bub.