Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Some happy stuff

Miss long-legs is doing so well. She has learned how to step into pressure now so well on the way to knowing how to lead and tie up. Not had much time lately to really put much into her but she's smart and she learns fast so I am not too worried. She picks up all her feet nicely too. Such a good girl.
Here she comes again
Under her father's watchful eye
With new friend Christina
Good girl on the lead
Striking yet another pose

Day five and Rory or 'Ratbag' is doing really well. He seems very small and I am not sure if that is because Aine and Silas are so huge or because he really IS quite small. Mum was a maiden and from experience I know that maidens often have smaller foals. He's not lacking attitude or substance though and I am thrilled with him.
With Christina Little face
Profile shot

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