Thursday, 23 October 2008

Silas on day five - video and photos plus NEWS!

Well somehow we have made it through to day five and today is the first day I have felt really happy about Silas' progress. He's drinking really well and his strength has really picked up, not to mention the fact that he is pooping in a much more acceptable fashion (constipation improvement). Today he had his first taste of freedom too, as captured on this brief video.

We continue to be very humbled by the wonderful support we are receiving from people who are, in many cases, essentially complete strangers to us. We have received flowers, chocolate, coffee, biscuits (the biggest box I have ever seen!!!) and many, many emails and messages and hugs. In today's mail were two envelopes, both holding enough money to pay for Silas' milk powder for a number of weeks plus our friend and neighbour John has just turned up with a pile of Farmlands gift vouchers and bottle of Lindauer from the wonderful folk of the NZHorses community. We do not even know who sent the first envelope of Farmlands vouchers but, we intend to find out! People are incredible and this week I have cried as many tears because of the kindness of people as I have over the loss of our much loved friend.

It would seem that Debi had many many admirers, all over the country and indeed the world and her passing has affected a huge number of people. Debi really was a personality and I think that shone through in her photos. She was a wonderful mother, a professional 'eater' and a real 'talker' and head tosser. Whenever you would approach her in the paddock she would acknowledge your approach with gentle whickers and a shake of her shaggy mane. Sure, if you had no food, she rapidly lost interest but I don't think I ever saw her pin her ears back and she certainly treated everyone who came across her path with the same food oriented interest, bless her heart.


And finally, today's news! I had a lovely phone call this morning from a local woman who brought her Clydesdale mare to Robbie last season. Her lovely mare, Pippa, foaled a beautiful, big strong black foal at the very civilised hour of 8am this morning. She was unsure of sex at that stage but the vet was coming out to give baby a once over and post natal jabs and I have been promised photos which I will, of course, be blogging as soon as they arrive in my inbox! The breeder is local as well so we can look forward to taking a wee trip at some time to meet the new babe. So good to have such a happy start to today.

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