Friday, 24 October 2008

Todays Silas update & new baby pix

Silas is doing really well. We have started feeding him hourly during the day as we want to build up his strength and little and often is the best for weight gain. You watch a foal feeding from its mum and it feeds very regularly, multiple times an hour. It is not really possible to sit with him 24/7 but we figure if we can at least get him started well and build up his strength, we should be able to put him on the bucket and really get him going quite quickly. Picked up his foal meal today too so will start introducing that as well.

Do you like my racing stripe?
My lovely Aunty Jan sent this snuggly warm cover for me to wear
And here's Silas' new little bro, born yesterday morning. Mum Aldie Phillipa, dad Kintyre Lodge Robbie. Name: Amos.

Got the hang of me pegs
Aren't I cute!

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