Sunday, 12 October 2008

She won't

OK, so last blog entry was entitled 'Will she, won't she?' so this entry answers that question with a big fat emphatic 'she won't!'. 'She' being Hooty and what she is not doing is foaling! Despite being waxed and primed for over a week and now leaking milk, she is still not foaling. Ugh! Maiden mares, who'd 'av 'em? I've tried taking Amy to the movies and going out to friends for a movie and dessert but still, she has not taken the hint and foaled. Of course she is absolutely fine and happy as Larry and has eaten her way through her first foaling paddock so is now out in paddock number two with her new room mate, Miss Debi.

Debi was due the day before Hooty but we all know Debi does not believe in foaling on time and it may be weeks before we see a foal from her - or, the two of them will decide to both foal on the same day/night. We'll just have to wait and see on that count I guess. Today's photos are of the two single mums in waiting.

Deb 'n Hoots 'Gday!'
Deb 'n Hoots - room with a view
Pair 'o wide loads

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