Monday, 13 October 2008

Still no foal so photos of some of the horses instead!

It was SUCH a beautiful day today! I got sun burnt and am sitting here with a very nice warm glow about my person. Summer must be on its way! Hamish had his annual bath (but I don't have glow white shampoo so he's not quite as clean looking as he good be). He's such a good boy though and considering he has met Mr Hose, Miss Sponge and Mrs Bucket about 5 times in his entire life, he's quite incredible about it. I don't trim his feather these days as there is no point and, well, he's a crossbred horse with plenty of substance and his feather is part of who he is. I took the chance to take some more pix of him as I have been asked if he could be a poster boy for a very well known NZ stock food company so thought I should have a crack at taking some photos!

Also snapped off a couple of Bree, Twinkle and Meg today. Sadly I am almost certain that Bree must have slipped her foal after her 42 day scan as she really is showing no signs of being in foal. Such a disappointment for me and for her owner. She was carrying Reilly's other foal for the season so I am very sad to think that we won't get to see another Reilly foal this spring.
Bree & Amy
Time for a pedicure
Hamish in the yards
What's that?! (answer, that's Amy, lol!)
Posing again
Kingcroft Tickled Pink or Twinky Dink to her friends
Meg and 'umans
Meg over the gate
Good grief!

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