Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Rehabilitating the pregnant mare

When I bought Reilly's mum, he was in utero. I have blogged her story already but a recent thread on an online noticeboard has prompted me to blog the photos I took of Lark's progress after she came to us. To me there is no excuse for a pregnant mare to be thin, especially not if she is fed effectively and it is not rocket science putting weight on an underweight horse, nor does it have to cost the earth. Lark was fed boiled barley, chaff, sugarbeet and oil in small feeds 3-5 times a day for approximately 2 months and then twice a day for the final month until foaling.

Lark the day after we collected her Lark after a week at home

Lark after 3 weeks at home

Lark after 5 weeks

Lark after 6 weeks at home (note, no grass)

Lark after 7 weeks at home

Lark after 10 weeks at home and a few days pre foaling

It's amazing what feeding and love can do. I may have lost Lark but I have her stunning son and a very beautiful grand daughter - I will forever miss Lark but I will always be grateful for the experience of having her in my life.

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