Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Will she, won't she?

Last night I noticed Hooty was producing more than little crystals on her udder so was on heightened foal watch all night. I went to bed just after midnight and set the alarm for 2am. At 2am she was still settled and much the same so I left her with the foaling alarm on. The winds picked up and we had a power cut and I woke up at 6am in a panic and rushed outside but there was no real change and she has remained like below, all day.

The weather really is VILE although as I type this the wind has finally settled down to a breeze and the rain is light. I am hoping that she will cross her legs until the worst of this is over. No sign of pacing at present. She is, however, lame. Damn and buggeration. I am assuming an abscess or perhaps a muscle strain/tweak. It's her 'bad' leg but is presenting very much like an abscess with pointing and fairly major discomfort. Poor girl. It's really not very fair to be so very pregnant AND so very lame.

Waxing on teats
Different angle
From behind (eating willow for her poorly leg)

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