Sunday, 3 July 2011

Midwinter Mudpuppies - Another Photo Essay

Miss Hooty - Not feeling her age (Rising 19)
Maude at very nearly 23
Farm Matriarchs
Enya, Ata the clown and Meg
Magnificent Maude
Lovely ladies
Meg needs a bit of work
Enya or Miss Orange Thang
A Meg moment
It's July and we still have grass and the horses are leaving hay that is being fed out. This is a great thing and long may it continue. Covers were off this morning and won't go back on until tomorrow (except for Paddy who has his back on now). The forecast for tomorrow is excellent but there is bad weather coming so Ata will have his first cover lesson tomorrow. He better be good! It is so nice to look around and not have a single horse whose weight I am remotely concerned about, including the old timers. I'm hard feeding Paddy and Brennan (because he is in work) and that's it. This makes a huge difference from hard feeding EIGHT horses like I did all last winter. Maude and Hooty are looking and feeling great. I am so looking forward to seeing what Hooty can produce to Brennan. I am always excited about my foals but don't think I have been quite as excited about a foal for a few years. Hooty is positively blooming and looking every inch the expectant mother. Roll on summer and all the new babies!


  1. "SNORKEL"? Lol, what does he do, bury half his face in the water bucket like my colt does?

  2. LOL, sounds cute but no, she was born at the end of a very wet winter and just about needed a snorkel and flippers to get around in her paddock :)