Monday, 4 July 2011

The supermodel strutted his stuff today. I wanted to get his ribbons on for some photos since we never took any when he won them. I think he looks pretty proud of himself, what do you think?

And after the ribbon photos I let him go and have a run around. Of course one of the first things he did when my back was turned was roll in the mud! He's such a smart ar$e!

Karen has found Brennan his next saddle. Brennan is a very lucky pony to have his very own personal shopper - now he just has to earn enough money to pay for all this planned shopping, haha!!! And, on that note, I am still having no luck finding a job. Got another rejection over the weekend - have asked for some feedback regarding my application but, not surprisingly, I have had no response. I am over qualified for everything I apply for but I wish people would not assume that because you hold qualifiations above and beyond those required that you are not prepared to happily and professionally fill the role. I just want a nice, relatively low stress job that pays enough to cover the bills. *sigh* OK, whinge over, better get off this blog and on to applying for some more jobs :o)

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