Saturday, 11 June 2011

Brennan and Karen work their sox off!

Today I took Brennan and Karen down to Becky's wonderful all-weather arena for a ride. My surface is pretty much out now that we have had a bit of rain - too much to expect a green baby to work on and Becky is kind enough to let us use the arena when she is not using it. Having access to that surface is an absolute Godsend!

Brennan did some really fantastic work today and tried his little heart out - This pony learns SO fast and tries so hard! I know I probably sound like a broken record but he has such a great brain, I am amazed by him. I am also HUGELY grateful to Karen for riding him like she does. Brennan and I are bloody lucky to have her as a jockey as her experience really is invaluable.

Hopefully Karen will forgive me for the photos of her minus her gaiters (they were left in her car which was elsewhere) but I think they both look so great, I just want to show them off to everyone!

Look at me stretch!

Handsome boy
Big pats, an extra big dinner and a night out of the weather for the wee Bman today. Tomorrow they have a lesson - bring it!

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