Sunday, 12 June 2011

Brennan and Karen's 3rd Lesson

Today we trundled down to Becky's place so that Brennan and Karen could have another training session. Brennan was given lots to think about today with, amongst other things, some baby leg yielding, turns on the forehand, canter serpentine and 15m canter circles. LOTS for his little brain to process and, apart from getting his legs in a bit of a tangle a couple of times and deciding when it was time to stop cantering himself (Conversation would go: Brennan: "Hmm, I have had enough canter now, think I will just trot". Karen: "Oh noooo, it's not time to trot now young man, you will canter canter canter!"), he processed it all well. I have some in-hand homework to do too which should be fun. I am super uncoordinated so hopefully I won't screw it up too much!!

Bit of leg yield

And leg yield the other way

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