Saturday, 9 January 2010

Megalicious and a Reilly Update

Yesterday Nick took some photos of me riding my Megaliscious Megalump so I will share those. She is just SO MUCH FUN! Did you hear that? Perhaps I will repeat it for anyone who didn't quite catch it. Meg is STUPENDOUSLY FUN! We have access to all the hay paddocks now and as they are not grazed and the gates are all open there are acres to play across. She's fat and unfit, just like me, so we both huffed and puffed and had frequent rest breaks but I think she had as much fun as I did. I cannot wait until she is a bit older and we can do more stuff but for now I won't push it.

Just before Maude went 'bunny boiler' on Meg
I am not this pale in real life, honest!
Watch out Fox-Pitt, here we come - Badminton 2013! Haha!
I think we are both grinning here
Reilly has settled in to his new holiday home well. Kim has had two rides and he has worked his magic on her and has her firmly under his spell. Apparently her grazing owner's gelding has fallen in love with him too, haha! Nothing like a bit of man love to keep a boy on his toes I spose. I have a couple of photos from Kim so will share them today too.

Arena work
Say 'Cheese!'
Who IS that handsome devil?
The hay is done for another year and what a beautiful harvest we have this year. Lovely leafy green hay that smells honey sweet with clover and herbs. The contractor had his baler set up so sweet that we only ended up with 420 bales but they are BIG, heavy/dense bales so I am very happy. Unfortunately I won't have any spare for friends but I think it has been a good season so there should be plenty of hay about the place. We had our friends/neighbours helping us so getting it in only took a few hours - just as well we got it all in as we were working under big rain clouds and that night the heaven's opened and it fair tipped down! Perfect timing really but a little stressful watching the clouds and feeling the spits of rain on the wind.

Scary clouds!
Hay on the ground
Inside a bale
Home Shed Bay I
Home Shed Bay II

And last but definitely not least, Enya is now officially on the market with an ad put on Trade Me yesterday. I hate the overuse of the word stunning so have not used it in my ad but I really do think she is an absolute stunner - Hopefully she will attract the right sort of home and I will have another lovely youngster to watch grow from a distance.

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